Monika Baumgartl

The Monika Baumgartl exhibition at Projektraum Ventilator held from the 28th of June to the 8th of July will be the first individual exhibition of the photographer in Berlin.

Monika Baumgartl (born 1942) is a German photographer whose multifaceted work extends up to 1986 and is part of the avant-garde movement of the 1970s-1980s. Rich of influences from Düsseldorf and New York, her creations are crossing conceptual, abstract and experimental art forms. She is notably allegedly the first photographer who used the Moon as an element of abstract composition.

Her interest for buddhism-zen philosophy and macrobiotic influences her entire work with notions of energy, unity and harmony between and within the creations. This artistic harmony and poetic touches her audience, whose contemplation of the photographs results in a feeling of communion with both the cosmos and the artist. Monika’s photographs aim at putting the viewer in a peaceful and meditative place favorable to consciousness development and soul elevation.

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BB‘ Bordeaux – Berlin

OPENING Friday 13th at 7 pm

BB‘ is an exhibition and residency project that discusses issues related to translation and displacement. As Europeans, we have the chance to move freely in Europe. Crossing borders is virtually impossible for many others. What does this simple gesture mean to us? The BB‘ project will be rolled out over 2 years. Between Bordeaux Berlin, Bordeaux Bratislava, Bordeaux Brussels, Bordeaux Bologna, Bordeaux Belfast, Belgrade, Budapest (Hungary), Bucharest (Romania), Bergen (Norway)
Each city will be the occasion of a translation. Each trip will allow us to deepen our reflection, meet artists and thinkers speaking another language and exchange through exhibitions and residences, workshops, meetings, conferences. At the end of these two years, an exhibition-conference welcoming artists and thinkers of B‘ will conclude the project BB‘ where it all began; in Bordeaux.
To move to transpose to translate to reproduce to decline to translate, to seek to tow, to transgress an axis, to obey it but to cross it, not to never always to always to always transform always in movement.
It is from here to very far, and it says a lot about the path that must be traveled on the right to borrow it over the laborious obstacles to straddle over what flies between us, papers of the letters of the words of the ideas clouds of injustice. What are we putting in our suitcases between the two points?
These issues are exacerbated today around the world. Unfortunately, they affect millions of people forced to leave their country to seek refuge elsewhere. At each BB ‚an OE publication will report on the evolution of the project.

Mit GrOEp / atelier-tcpc, Legal Dame, Emmanuel Aragon, Dalila Dalléas Bouzar, Axel Ingé, Emmanuel Penouty, Béatrice Pontacq Thibierge, Margot Sokolowska, Laurent Valera, Tommy Vissenberg, Marie Bretaud, Héléna Le Gal 


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