Announcement – Ventilator is shutting down in January 2019

The Ventilator collective came together 4 years ago. We organized group exhibitions open for all kind of artists. We offered the space for free to all kind of artists so they could have an exhibition. If needed we supported them with the production of the exhibition (flyers, Vernissage, pr). Every 2 weeks another exhibition, for 4 years… can you imagine how many wonderful artworks and people came together in our small space over the time? For us – the Ventilator team – it was a pleasure and privilege to invest our time & money in the space. Unfortunately the rent for the space will be raised 200% from what we are paying now.
Out of very trivial reasons we are forced to give up the space until January 2019. We thank everybody who participated, supported or simply enjoyed the space. It was a great time. There will be exhibitions until December 2018. We hope to see many of you there. Let us make the best out of the last months.

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