Monat: Juli 2018

Monika Baumgartl

The Monika Baumgartl exhibition at Projektraum Ventilator held from the 28th of June to the 8th of July will be the first individual exhibition of the photographer in Berlin.

Monika Baumgartl (born 1942) is a German photographer whose multifaceted work extends up to 1986 and is part of the avant-garde movement of the 1970s-1980s. Rich of influences from Düsseldorf and New York, her creations are crossing conceptual, abstract and experimental art forms. She is notably allegedly the first photographer who used the Moon as an element of abstract composition.

Her interest for buddhism-zen philosophy and macrobiotic influences her entire work with notions of energy, unity and harmony between and within the creations. This artistic harmony and poetic touches her audience, whose contemplation of the photographs results in a feeling of communion with both the cosmos and the artist. Monika’s photographs aim at putting the viewer in a peaceful and meditative place favorable to consciousness development and soul elevation.

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